Wörthersee Triathlon 2575 – english

Announcement –  Wörthersee Triathlon 2575

Organizer HSV Triathlon Kärnten
Registration Online registration at pentek-payment.at
Information Tel. ++43 / (0) 650/99 361 60
Accommodation www.krumpendorf.gv.at
Closing date May 27, Wednesday, 2015 12am
Post registration Until sunday 9am at the race office for an additional processing fee of € 5,00
Entry fee Wörthersee Triathlon 2575: € 40,00
All participants from U23 without a valid Triathlon-year-license of their state (ITA, SLO,..) have to buy a temporary license for € 6,00.
Classification and track lengths Wörthersee Triathlon 2575:

Juniors (1997-1996)
U 23 (1995-1992)
M/W 24 (1991-1986)
M/W 30 (1985-1981)
M/W 35 (1980-1976)
M/W 40 (1975-1971)
M/W 45 (1970-1966)
M/W 50 (1965-1961)
M/W 55 (1960-1956)
M/W 60 (1955-1951)
M/W 65 (1950-1946)
M/W 70 (1945-1941)
M/W 75+ (1940 and older)Swim: 750m
Bike: 20km
Run: 5km

All age groups are advertised for male and female.



Start/Finish/Transition area At the Parkbad Krumpendorf
Timekeeping Timekeeping: PENTEK timing with Green-ChipFor children and student runs free, orange chips will be handed out which have to be returned right after each run. All competitors without an own ChampionChip will obtain a GREEN Chip for a EUR 3,00 rent, where the start numbers will be handed out. Only yellow, orange and GREEN Chips can be viable for the timekeeping machinery. All other and different collared chips can’t be processed.

In regards of our environmental and recycling efforts we would like to ask you to return the chips at the provided return points in the finishing area.


  • The first, second and third place will receive a          honor or material price
  • Catering at the labe stations
  • ERDINGER – non-alcohol
  • Athlete information and a plan of the track
  • big Ziellabestation with cake buffet
Schedule May 30, Saturday, 2015

08:00 – 11:00h: Post registration, fetching of the starter documents at the race office Krumpendorf
11:00-12:00h: Check-In at the transition area
12:50h: Meeting for all competitors at the swim start  mandatory for all participants
13:00h: Start Wörthersee Triathlon 2575 for Starting number 1 – 120
13:10h: Start Wörthersee-Triathlon 2575 for Starting number 121-300
13:20h: Start Wörthersee-Triathlon 2575 for all women
17:30h: Winners ceremony for all triathlons


Track description Wörthersee Triathlon 2575:750 m Swim: Triangle swim course around two buoys and back to the swim exit.

20 km Bike (3 laps with 6,6 km each)1 round: From the Parkbad (transition area) onto the Pamperallee until you reach the Berthastraße. Turn left and go straight ahead until the Hauptstraße is reached. Follow the Hauptstraße into the east and after a couple 100 meters turn left into the Hallegger Straße. Now you only have to follow the Hallegger Straße for approximately 1,7km until the turning point is reached. The exact same track now leads back to the Pamperallee (transition area).

5 km Run (2 laps with 2,5km each):1 round:  From the Parkbad (Transition area) onto the Pamperlallee till you reach the Berthastraße. Turn right and run along the Wörthersee cost till the Strandpromenade and continue to the Wieningerallee. At the end of the Wieningerallee turn left onto the Südbahnweg and follow it until the Schlossallee is reached. Now turn left again and run along the Schlossallee back to the Pamperlallee (Transition area).



Competitive regulations Apply the ÖTRV-Competitive regulations. Drafting is allowed!
Just short “Triathlonlenker”are allowed to be used!!! The bike track is secured by the police and the track stations from 01:00 p.m. up to 03:00 p.m. You need to use racing bikes for all triathlons.
Disclaimer The participation is at your own risk. The organizer is NOT liable for loss, violations or damage at persons or subjects.
Changes and additions reserved!